Monday, November 17, 2014

Sore, stiff muscles? Tired, sleepy? Need Energy? How's your ...?

water prevents pain sore stiff muscles
Cool or warm: Water prevents sore, stiff, painful muscles and gives you energy!
Tired? Wish you had more energy? Do you feel achey, sore, stiff? If you're taking days to recover after rigorous activity... If your muscles and joints are stiff and painful... If you feel like arthritis might be creeping in... Or if you feel flu-like, or under-the-weather...
Ask yourself this:
"Am I drinking enough pure WATER?"
Being dehydrated can lead to all these symptoms!

How much water do I need?
This question is oft-debated amongst health practitioners!
I'll give you #s in a second, but first...
Of course, we don't want to drink too much water, but... in my clinical experience, clients report signs of dehydration more often than over-hydration!
When was the last time you drank TOO much water?

Here's what I'm getting at: Dehydration is a common problem, and drinking MORE pure water, EVERY day, can make (most people) feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER, so let's try drinking more water and see how we feel!

How much water do I need?
This is controversial, but...
We have all heard the rule "Drink at least 8 (8-ounce) glasses of water every day". That's a start, although 8-10 glasses of pure water should be the minimum for a 130-lb adult.

A better gauge, in #s, is to drink half your body-weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 130 lbs., drink 65 ounces of water daily.
But don't need more if you are ACTIVE!

As a general indicator, aim to have "one clear pee" daily. Your urine should never be dark yellow (or any other dark color). But it shouldn't be clear all day, either.
My suggestion: chug 12-16 oz. when you first get up in the morning. You'll feel better, and your coffee will taste better, too (I promise!).

More tips, to drink more water:
* Always carry your own sport bottle, just for water. Fill it with cool, pure water throughout the day. (Unless you truly prefer drinking warm water; either way, refill it often).
* Focus on drinking just water. Avoid other drinks except pure water. Anything except PURE WATER has the potential to dehydrate you, or put on calories. Even coffee will make you sleepy if you are already dehydrated!
* Take BIG swigs of water at "transition" times, like when you go on a break, move rooms, leave the room/office, get ready to exercise or eat, and so on.
* Drink plenty of extra water when you're active. This includes running errands, shoveling snow, house-cleaning,and exercise workouts.
* If it makes you drink more, squirt fresh lemon or lime into your sport bottle. This adds a little flavor (without sugary calories), and it cleans your sport bottle.

GoooOOOO, WATER!  Drink ~ Drink ~ Drink!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Natural Immune-Boosters for Fall

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System, Naturally:

1) Give your skin a light, gentle scrub. A loofah in the shower is a good way to invigorate. Include body-brushing (garshana) or exfoliating scrubs from a day spa visit.

2) Bounce: get on a mini-trampoline for 5-10 minutes. Rhythmic, total-body movement gives the lymph system a flush.

3) Get Cupped! Cupping therapy is the most effective manual therapy for lymphatic drainage.

4) Exercise. Aerobic or strength-training activities get muscles to stimulate lymph flow. Also, exercise reduces stress and fights disease!

5) Get a massage. Massage therapy boosts immunity by moving lymph, and by reducing stress.

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natural immune system boost, cupping therapy

Thursday, October 23, 2014

National Therapeutic Massage Certification- Colorado massage clients benefit from Nina's NCTMB

Nina Dropcho is Nationally-Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. What does that mean? What are the regulations in Colorado for becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)?

Nina took the National Certification Exam (NCE) after finishing her 500-hour Massage program in Colorado, in 2002. At the time, there were no regulations for Massage Therapists in Colorado.

Nina took the exam to demonstrate a higher level of massage knowledge, to exceed standards in the massage therapy profession, and to jump ahead as Colorado considered regulation.

nationally certified therapeutic massage Nina Dropcho
Colorado's first step in regulation was to require a background check for those calling themselves "Massage Therapists", or anyone claiming to perform "massage" or "massage therapy".

Every few years, Colorado added increasing qualifications. Currently, a new Massage Therapist, becoming licensed in Colorado must 1) go through the criminal background check; 2) graduate from an accredited massage school with a minimum of 500 hours; 3) take a certifying exam; 4) maintain Continuing Education, to keep the certification current; and in some cities in CO, 5) obtain a Massage Therapist license.

By having taken the NCE years before the state required it, Nina agreed to uphold a higher standard for herself, and for her clients, as a Massage Therapist. To maintain National Certification, she takes Continuing Education courses that directly benefit her massage clients.

Since completing her massage therapy school and taking the NCE, Nina has taken Continuing Education classes in sports medicine, orthopedic evaluations, postural assessment, post-rehab conditioning, ethics and business practice, and certifications in Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, and Cupping Therapy.
Nina returned to college to earn a 2nd Bachelor of Science, in Biology, in 2012, from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Obviously, holding the NCTMB is a reflection of Nina's dedication to skill and education.

But in the end, Nina strives to offer each client the most relaxing, therapeutic treatment possible!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week: Boulder Celebration!

Yay, it's "National Massage Therapy Awareness Week"!

Here are some of the benefits YOU FEEL when you receive massage therapy:

  • Relieve pain naturally
  • Reduce stress & tension
  • Heal repetitive stress disorders
  • Aid sleep
  • Loosen stiff joints
  • Minimize headaches
  • Recover from injury faster
  • Increase athletic activity
  • Improve body awareness (mind-body connection)
  • Relax your mind
  • Increase metabolism & digestion

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why Cupping Therapy is So Relaxing!

Have you felt the relaxing effects of Cupping Therapy?

Why is cupping so relaxing? The reasons for your sedation are in its physical effects and the application by the cupping therapist.

First, let's look at cupping therapy's physiological benefits:
  • Cupping boosts lymph flow. The boost to your immune system is relaxing. A fresh flush of lymph (fluid) to the tissues is calming to a stressed system. This is especially true for those who have autoimmune disorders, infections, injuries, or high mental stress levels.
  • Cupping boosts circulation. Delivering fresh oxygen and blood cells to tissues can be invigorating, and bring a calming "sigh of relief". Over-worked muscles, stagnant or "stuck" chi, and stressed organs appreciate the improved circulation. They can relax!

And next, your cupping therapist's touch can enhance your relaxation:

  • Stationary cupping has a swaddling effect. When cups are applied, then left on the skin to "brew" and heal, it can be sedating.
  • Cups may be applied massage-style. After applying cups with a light vacuum, your therapist may move the cups around like a massage. This is called gliding, dynamic, or massage cupping. Like massage therapy, this style calms your nervous system as it relaxes the body.

You don't need any reasons to get relaxed, do you? But now, when you get cupped, you understand why cupping is so relaxing!

Call Nina at BBMC, 970-948-0179, to schedule your relaxing treatment!

-blog post written by Nina Dropcho, Licensed Massage Therapist & Cupping Therapist, Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping (in Boulder, Colorado), ph: 970-948-0179