Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Massage v. Cupping: Different therapies for different needs

What's the difference between massage and cupping (therapies)? How do you know which treatment is best for your health concerns?

Nina Dropcho offers both massage therapy and cupping therapy in her Boulder, Colorado office. In this video, Nina summarizes the key difference between the two:

Does your body need the compression of massage, or the decompression of cupping? Or...both? At Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping, you can receive a "Balanced Blend" treatment with both.

When you schedule your appointment with Nina, you'll tell her your current health concerns and the reason you need treatment. Where is the focus of the session, i.e.? Together, you will decide which therapies are best to apply; which ones will "do the trick" to make you feel fantastic.

Call Nina today to schedule your Massage, Cupping, or Balanced Blend treatment:
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