Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why Cupping Therapy is So Relaxing!

Have you felt the relaxing effects of Cupping Therapy?

Why is cupping so relaxing? The reasons for your sedation are in its physical effects and the application by the cupping therapist.

First, let's look at cupping therapy's physiological benefits:
  • Cupping boosts lymph flow. The boost to your immune system is relaxing. A fresh flush of lymph (fluid) to the tissues is calming to a stressed system. This is especially true for those who have autoimmune disorders, infections, injuries, or high mental stress levels.
  • Cupping boosts circulation. Delivering fresh oxygen and blood cells to tissues can be invigorating, and bring a calming "sigh of relief". Over-worked muscles, stagnant or "stuck" chi, and stressed organs appreciate the improved circulation. They can relax!

And next, your cupping therapist's touch can enhance your relaxation:

  • Stationary cupping has a swaddling effect. When cups are applied, then left on the skin to "brew" and heal, it can be sedating.
  • Cups may be applied massage-style. After applying cups with a light vacuum, your therapist may move the cups around like a massage. This is called gliding, dynamic, or massage cupping. Like massage therapy, this style calms your nervous system as it relaxes the body.

You don't need any reasons to get relaxed, do you? But now, when you get cupped, you understand why cupping is so relaxing!

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-blog post written by Nina Dropcho, Licensed Massage Therapist & Cupping Therapist, Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping (in Boulder, Colorado), ph: 970-948-0179