Monday, November 17, 2014

Balanced Boulder Massage Cupping's Facebook Massage Page

   Did you know that my Facebook Massage page features articles, videos, pictures, and more, on a variety of topics to keep you healthy and motivated?! Or have you been missing out?

  In the past week or so, here are just a few of the topics covered there:
* (Today's post:)  Tired? Need more energy? Achey, sore, stiff? How is your WATER intake?
* Exercises for stronger KNEES
* Inspirational quotes and pictures
* The healing effects of MEDITATION
* My new video, explaining "What is Cupping?"

  So, please help yourself. Hop over to my Facebook Massage page, give it a "Like",  and discover all the goodness!

What else is happening in my Boulder office?

   This week's Pre-Holiday SpeciaL ~ THIS WEEK ONLY ~ Save on your favorite, a "Balanced Blend" treatment! Yes, the Massage & Cupping combo, with aromatherapy, my "signature treatment" and #1 most popular therapy is on sale! Just for a few days!
   Here's "the rub": 
> Get a 60-minute Balanced Blend for only $64 (reg. $84),
  or get a 90-minute Balanced Blend for only $74 (reg. $109)!
> Buy Gift Certificates for friends and Save $10 more off your Balanced Blend treatment!

  Support Small, Local Business (like mine, and others') when you holiday-shop, and you'll be rewarded! Take the "Small Business Pledge": pledge to buy 50-100% of your holiday gifts from small, local business. I will gratefully and generously reward you all year, with free upgrades, treats from local small businesses, special VIP days for pledgers, free decadent spa-treatments like scrubs and Steamers, and more!
  Please support your neighbors and your community this holiday: Take the Pledge, and Shop Local!

   Thank You for supporting my small, local biz! Enjoy that Facebook Massage page, Take the Pledge, and book your Balanced Blend treatment this week!
Call Nina Dropcho, 970-948-0179, to arrange your bliss!
Balanced Boulder Massage and Cupping
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Boulder, Colorado

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