Thursday, October 23, 2014

National Therapeutic Massage Certification- Colorado massage clients benefit from Nina's NCTMB

Nina Dropcho is Nationally-Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. What does that mean? What are the regulations in Colorado for becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)?

Nina took the National Certification Exam (NCE) after finishing her 500-hour Massage program in Colorado, in 2002. At the time, there were no regulations for Massage Therapists in Colorado.

Nina took the exam to demonstrate a higher level of massage knowledge, to exceed standards in the massage therapy profession, and to jump ahead as Colorado considered regulation.

nationally certified therapeutic massage Nina Dropcho
Colorado's first step in regulation was to require a background check for those calling themselves "Massage Therapists", or anyone claiming to perform "massage" or "massage therapy".

Every few years, Colorado added increasing qualifications. Currently, a new Massage Therapist, becoming licensed in Colorado must 1) go through the criminal background check; 2) graduate from an accredited massage school with a minimum of 500 hours; 3) take a certifying exam; 4) maintain Continuing Education, to keep the certification current; and in some cities in CO, 5) obtain a Massage Therapist license.

By having taken the NCE years before the state required it, Nina agreed to uphold a higher standard for herself, and for her clients, as a Massage Therapist. To maintain National Certification, she takes Continuing Education courses that directly benefit her massage clients.

Since completing her massage therapy school and taking the NCE, Nina has taken Continuing Education classes in sports medicine, orthopedic evaluations, postural assessment, post-rehab conditioning, ethics and business practice, and certifications in Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, and Cupping Therapy.
Nina returned to college to earn a 2nd Bachelor of Science, in Biology, in 2012, from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Obviously, holding the NCTMB is a reflection of Nina's dedication to skill and education.

But in the end, Nina strives to offer each client the most relaxing, therapeutic treatment possible!

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