Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Massage and Cupping Prices for Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping

How are services priced at Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping?

Each person is unique. And bodies change: you might feel on-top-of-the-world one day, but feel down-in-the-dumps the next. Therefore, each treatment is unique. I set my price for your treatment at the time of the treatment.

Here are some general guidelines, based on what we determine you need at the time of treatment.

Balanced Blends:
A 60-minute treatment that includes both Massage and Cupping     $84
A 90-minute treatment with Massage and/or Cupping                        $109

60 minutes of Massage only or Cupping only                                       $79
Focus Cupping, 20 - 30 minutes                                                            $49
examples: Facial Cupping, Lunch-time Quick Fix
Focus Cupping, 30 - 40 minutes                                                            $59
e.g.: Immune Boost,  Upper Body Relief
Focus Cupping 40 - 50 minutes                                                             $69
e.g.: Detox Cupping, Sports Cupping

facial cupping in boulder for sinuses, wrinkles, lines, breathing, relaxing
Facial Cupping reduces wrinkles and lines, clears sinuses and opens airways, and it's very relaxing!

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