Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cupping Relieves Muscle Pain & Tension

If you get ...
* Soreness,
* Nagging aches,
* Joint stiffness,
* Tight muscles,
* Pain that's dull or sharp, 

...then, you need to GET CUPPED! 
Cupping therapy is an excellent natural remedy to relieve muscle pain and tension!
glass cups relax muscles and ease tension
Glass cups feel wonderful, relaxing muscles and easing tensions

How does cupping work?
Cupping involves the application of cups with suction to the body. A vacuum is created by the therapist, manually or thermally or using a hand-held pump. 
Cups can be placed anywhere on the body, to treat a variety of ailments. They are often applied to the back, shoulders, hips, and legs.
When cups are applied, a small amount of skin and tissue are drawn up into the cup, decompressing the areas below the cup. Areas such as blood and lymph vessels are opened up. 
Space is created. Pathways flow. Stagnant chi (circulation) moves again.

How does cupping relieve muscle pain and tension, specifically?
Cups can be applied in a dynamic way, or stationary. 

With dynamic (or massage) cupping, the gliding of the cups over the body feels relaxing. The cups are moved, with applied suction. This is similar to massage. Just like Swedish massage, pressure can be strong or light, or in-between.
Except cupping gives a bigger boost to circulation than massage, so your tissues are getting more blood flow, more oxygen, and more lymph. 
For those who suffer from poor circulation, compromised immune system, or stagnant chi, massage cupping can feel like so heavenly, like no other treatment!
Your body doesn't distinguish between the compression of massage or the decompression of cups: it just knows it feels good!

When they are stationary, they sit on the skin for a few minutes. When they are dynamic, they are moved around in a gliding, massage way.
When cups sit stationary, they induce a myofascial release effect on underlying tissues. By sustaining the decompression, connective tissue in the body releases adhesions and restrictions. In other words, stationary cups get rid of knots and snags in your tissues!
In manual therapy and physics research, this has been described as the piezoelectric effect.
piezoelectric effect quartz body muscles tissues
Tension causes muscles and connective tissues to crystallize

tension in body tissues piezoelectric effect
Tension in body tissues can be relieved naturally with the piezoelectric effect

Your therapist might use stationary cupping, or massage cupping, or a combination of both. It depends on what your body needs at the time of your treatment.

Receive an ancient treatment, (new to the U.S.), and enjoy the relief of muscle pain and tension that cupping can provide!

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